Massage to relax? Now you can massage to slim down through endodermic massage technology.

Massage the body, lose the fats

Do you know that massage can bring about several benefits to the body beyond the typically known benefits such as body relaxation, muscle tension relief, etc? One can indulge a one-of-a-kind massage experience that aims to improve an overall body appearance and health with Expressions EMG Fat Reduction treatment.

EMG Fat Reduction

EMG is a sophisticated system that provides an endodermic mechanical massage of the skin and subcutaneous layer. With specially designed rollers dedicated to each main body area, the massage is done with gentle suctioning manoeuvres on the surface. This therapeutic stimulation improves venous and lymphatic microcirculation and detoxifies the tissue thanks to its lymphatic-drainage action. Scientifically proven to restore elasticity, it dramatically increases blood flow up to 400% and stimulates lymphatic drainage, dispersing any build up within the body by improving oxygenation to the cells.

The Massaging Technology

EMG is believed to be one of the most trusted treatments against stubborn fats such as such as cellulite, bra rolls, love handles, beer bellies. More importantly, along with losing weight, you don’t have to worry about loose skin! It smoothes hypodermic fat layer and helps you regain firm and elastic skin. This EMG treatment is best coupled with Expressions Bodyka treatment (link) because Bodyka executes lipolysis via ultrasound while EMG brings about the drainage action to facilitate elimination of fat waste. With these two treatments hand in hand, get ready to reshape your silhouette!