We understand. We really do.

After all the long hours of working in the office, the last thing any normal human being would want to do is to hit the gym. Most of us would much rather crash on our couches to Netflix and chill (by chill we mean really chilling, no strenuous activities), grab a cold beer and a bucket of chips to unwind.

Rinse and repeat, and these become a breeding ground for fats and flab.

That being said, it is inevitable that humans are all visual creatures and to see an obese man staring back at you in the mirror does nothing to boost self-confidence. However, without proper guidance or advice, people rarely know how to even take the first step (pun intended) to shredding those fats.

That’s where we step in. A perfect, fuss-free, no pain just gain 7-steps solution for you.

Here at Men’s Expressions, we turn flab to FAB! Sit tight and remember to take these down!

1. “A detox pill a day keeps the fats at bay”

Start your journey right by detoxifying your body. Over the years, excess waste materials and toxins build up in your body, resulting in weight gain and impurities in your circulation. There are several ways to detox, namely through:

  • Yoga
  • Eating healthily; plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Drinking at least 2 litres of water daily
  • Go to a sauna to sweat the toxins out
  • Exercise

The whole detox process usually takes at least a week, but we are on a 7 days weight loss schedule and there is no time to lose. Speed up your detox timeline by trying this 3 Days Detox Set by Expressions! Boasting a combination of more than 20 types of natural herbs and nutrients, it is no wonder that this detox kit shortens the lengthy detox process to just 3 days.

Total Weight Lost: 3kg

2. Breakin’ it down!

To start burning excess fats, it requires a tricky balance of eating the right amount of nutrients and calories, as well as months of disciplined exercising. Without sufficient motivation and dedication, it won’t be long before you start skipping gym days to sleep in.

Here’s an easier solution: Expressions’ Formula 2

Behind the secretive product title lies a bottle of wholesome goodness, with potent herbs such as Liquorice Root, Hawthorn Berries and Fennel Seeds blended together to create the ultimate Fat Burning supplement for effective, yet healthy weight loss. The ingredients in Formula 2 work hand in hand to increase blood circulation, reduce water retention and break down fat cells for easy dispersion, resulting in speedy slimming results. Just a single week and you will see your weighing scale drop up to 2kg! Formula 2, works just as fast as Formula 1.

Total Weight Lost: 5kg

3. Work That Body

Although your flab is starting to break down, the fatty deposits are still mostly clogged in your system with an extremely low excretion rate. This is precisely the reason for a time lag between you exercising and actually losing weight!The Men’s Expressions Body System acts as a metabolism activator, jump starting your systems to rev their engines and start functioning efficiently again. Using Infrared rays to facilitate heat transmission to the tissues, the body’s metabolism increases and fats are simultaneously discharged from the body.Feel free to take a nap while our treatment is ongoing, and wake up a slimmer you! This is what you call sweet dreams.

Total Weight Lost: 6.5kg

4. Set Fire to the Fats

After months of putting yourself through the grind (or taking the express train with us), you would realise that you might have stubborn subcutaneous fats in certain areas that are still clinging on to you for dear life. These areas usually include your love handles, thighs, and underarms – they can be extremely hard to target solely through exercising, which discourages many individuals from pushing themselves to achieve their ideal body.With this in mind, Men’s Expressions decided to bring in Proslimelt, a fat-targeting treatment that breaks down stubborn fat cells through low ultrasound frequency waves. Picture your fat simply melting off! No pain, no effort, only results. Best part of this treatment? Results are permanent.RIP FLABS!

Total Weight Lost: 8kg

5. Make Magnificent Muscles

Weight loss is a tedious process, but to achieve the coveted six packs is a gruelling process on another level. People spend months, even years, just to build up that perfect physique. It is often disheartening to see loose and stretchy skin after working your butt off to shed those extra pounds, and it takes many hours of gymming and tons of discipline to ensure that you do not neglect toning your body up after losing weight.

Chris Pratt ditched beer, hired a personal trainer and nutritionist; spent uncountable hours running, swimming, boxing, kickboxing, and even joined a triathlon just to tone up for his Marvel role, but not all of us are Guardians of the Galaxy – we do not have the funds nor time to commit!

Isogei Skin Tightening by Men’s Expressions aims to help all Star Lords wannabes (because we can definitely be a less temperamental Star Lord isn’t it) to not only tone their muscles, making them more defined and lifted, but also convert fats to muscles through isometric contractions.All you have to do is to lie back and enjoy our spa-like treatment and wake up feeling refreshed, toned, and ready for the Galaxy!

Total Weight Lost: 10kg (plus toned abs)

6. Bottoms Up!

There is a reason why the Earth is 70% filled with water – it is essential for life! Water is the most underrated weight loss regime, and not only is it extremely accessible; water does not break your bank too.We recommend you to drink 3 litres of water every day, and this will aid you in:

  • Flushing out toxins.
  • Increasing your metabolism.
  • Satiate your hunger pangs.
  • Decrease your appetite.
  • Gives you an energy boost!

A quick Google search will show real life testimonials that have lost up to 10kg in a week simply by drinking sufficient water.

Total Weight Lost: 15++kg

7. Healthy Lifestyle, Healthier You

At this point, we have guided you thus far on your weight loss journey. Those kilos and centimetres are falling off, but to keep it going would be entirely up to you!Of course, to look good, one must FEEL good inside out and the only way to do so is to live a healthy lifestyle. Join a marathon or pick up a new sport – get those muscles working to maintain their perfection! Also, cut down on fatty food and limits those sugary treats and your body will thank you.
Here’s a guideline on a healthy diet:

Vegetables5 per day
Fruits4 per day
Grains6 per day
Dairy3 per day
Meat, Poultry & Eggs1-2 per day
Fish & Other Seafood2-3 per week
Nuts & Beans5 per week
Unsaturated Fats3 per day

*According to American Heart Organization

Here’s a tip: Serving sizes differ for each food category, so do check ingredient lists of different food for serving sizes!

Cheers to a better you!