Thinking natural is the best? Sometimes technology can do better.

Stigma towards slimming with technology
There is a stigma towards treatments that claim to reduce fat or lose weight because it is hard to believe one can shed the pounds without exercising or dieting. But does slimming treatments really work? To understand how slimming treatment works, we need to start with the fats. Fats provide the necessary energy needed for the body to function. When unused, these fatty acids from fat get stored away in bundles known as the triglycerides and in the fat cells, which have unlimited capacity. However, metabolism slows down when one ages, making losing these fat cells increasingly difficult. Trying to lose those fats is not an easy task, needless to say about the stubborn fats that can’t seem to drop from the belly, the thighs or the arms. Despite the strenuous nature of shedding stubborn fats, Expressions latest fat reduction and body toning technology, the Bodyka treatment, is able to achieve that. So, what exactly is the Bodyka treatment?

Hailed from Italy, Bodyka is fat reduction and body contouring treatment that utilises low frequency ultrasonic waves. What do the waves do? The waves penetrate deep under the skin to reach the subcutaneous layer of fats to target fat cell membranes. The high energy from the waves causes fat cells to rupture and liquid fats will then be released to the liver for fat metabolism.

Non invasive
Unlike some other treatments offered by other aesthetic clinics which require patients to go under the knives and needles to get rid of the fats, Bodyka treatment is a perfect alternative to these surgical procedures. It is ultimately non-invasive, all they need to do is get under the painless applicator emitting those effective ultrasonic waves. As the emissions of the waves are controlled and regulated, the treatment is safe and targets the fatty tissues only. With that, one can do this treatment without much worries because the surroundings is left unharmed!

Now think.. do you have have pockets of fats on your body that you can’t seem to shed through maintaining diet and exercise? Then this treatment might be something that you should consider. Tummy, love handles, hips, arms or thighs – if you ask for it then Expressions will treat it. Rest assured that will be no downtime and no side effects, so go ahead with those daily activities of yours right after the treatment! No more surgery, weight loss pills and extreme dieting to shed those stubborn fats. Technology is here to help us, only if we allow it to.