😱 An Amazing Weight Loss Journey

Men’s Expressions is extremely pleased to announce that within a short 4 sessions, customer Abdullah has shed an astounding 6KG off his weight!

Here are some of the statistics:

Initial Weight at 1st Consultation: 124.8KG  (27 July 2018) 

Before/1st Session (15 Jan 2019): 106.1KG
2nd Session (21 Jan 2019): 104KG
3rd Session (29 Jan 2019): 102.4KG
4th Session (13 Feb 2019): 99.4KG

How did this unbelievable result happen?

Abdullah’s 3 main treatments consist of Vanquish ME, X-Wave and Exilis Skin Toning. These 3 treatments work together to complement the weight loss Abdullah has undergone!

Vanquish ME

Firstly, Abdullah tried Vanquish ME, a groundbreaking treatment using Selective RF™ technology. Vanquish ME is a contactless, non-invasive slimming treatment that delivers thermal energy to break down fat cells in problem areas. This result in effective circumferential reduction, pain-free and fuss-free!


Abdullah also tried the X-Wave treatment that treats stubborn fats. Harnessing the power of acoustic ultrasound waves, the X-Wave treatment disseminates sound waves that penetrate into the targeted treatment area to break down stubborn fats. Furthermore, the treatment eliminates waste materials while remodeling the collagen structure, leaving behind a smoother, slimmer surface.

Exilis Skin Toning

Lastly, to combat slack skin and stubborn spots, Abdullah went through the Exilis Skin Toning treatment. This treatment targets specific areas such as the love handles and chest fats, thus toning the sagging skin in the treated areas and inducing fat lipolysis to eliminate fat cells.

The Results

Through the 4 sessions, alongside Men’s Expressions Fat Burner Supplements, Abdullah is able to successfully lose 6KG from his weight!

After continuing on his weight loss journey Abdullah as lost a whopping……




Total Weight Loss of: 28.2 KG !