In July 2019, Ahmad Fadhil (a.k.a Dew) started his weight loss and wellness journey in Men’s Expressions. Below are some key statistics:

Initial weight: 81.4kg

Target weight: 72kg

Total weight loss: around 10kg

Main body concerns: love handles, excess fats with loose skin

With strong willpower, Dew was very determined to hit his target weight of 72kg. His day-to-day diet consisted of mainly meat and food low in carbohydrates. As someone who believes in maintaining a balance, he also made conscious effort to maintain an active lifestyle. His exercise routine involved doing 8km runs thrice a week and hitting the gym during his spare time. He even participated in marathons!

To be a step closer to his ideal weight, Dew tried out several treatments in Men’s Expressions. The main treatments he did were: Bodyka Fat Melting, Exilis and X-wave.

Bodyka Fat Melting

Bodyka Fat Melting Treatment in Men's Expressions

This award-winning ultrasound treatment effectively targeted Dew’s stubborn fats in his abdomen and hips. Low frequency ultrasound waves were able to penetrate into his fat layers, rapidly breaking down his fatty cells.


To help with Dew’s loose and excess skin issue, the X-wave treatment was able to simultaneously tighten his skin and target his diet-resistant fats. Harnessing the power of targeted vibrations from shockwaves, these waves enhanced microcirculation in key areas to remove excess interstitial fluid. In turn, this boosted collagen growth to tighten Dew’s skin and reduce the appearance of any stretch marks after.


Men's Expressions Exilis Body Toning treatment

This advanced body toning treatment used Radio Frequency (RF) at high energy levels to stimulate collagen growth and fat lipolysis to achieve two things: strengthening of Dew’s skin’s elasticity and the breakdown of fatty cells. Resultingly, these effectively reshaped Dew’s body for a more toned and contoured appearance.

For optimal results, it would typically take 4 to 6 treatments for results to be visible. However, results vary according to individuals.

A brand new body transformation

Ultimately, these treatments addressed Dew’s concerns of his love handles and excess, loose skin. The Bodyka Fat Melting treatment effectively broke down his fatty cells while the Exilis and X-wave treatments were able to tone his body and refine the appearance of stretch marks. With these specialized treatments and some personal lifestyle changes Dew incorporated, he was finally able to achieve his target weight! For instance, he started subscribing to healthy meal subscription plans. He also incorporated more strength training and attended HIIT boxing classes to further refine and tone his body.

All in all, our treatments coupled with Dew’s healthy and active lifestyle allowed him to achieve his goal. Weight loss is a holistic approach where several elements come into play. We are really glad to have been a part of his weight loss and wellness journey!

You can be the next

As long as you set your mind to it, nothing is impossible. You can be the next weight loss success. Embark on your road to success with us today!