“How to Get Rid of Acne” Isn’t that what most of us have searched on Google at some point of time?

Acne is one of the most common skin problems around the world, and it’s basically a shape-shifter. The century-old issue takes form as a tiny whitehead popping out once in a blue moon, and ranges to basically causing the sufferer to look like the moon itself – tons of red blistering craters erupting throughout the face.

It is no surprise that the acne treatment industry is a billion dollar one, and its forecast is a continuous uphill climb. This signals a clear flag: nobody wants to be riddled with pesky spots no matter how mild or severe it is.

So how exactly can one treat their acne effectively?

  1. Hydrate yourself – drink up!

By drinking, we are absolutely not referring to alcohol. Drink your fill of H2O daily; a good guideline would be 2/3 of your weight. By drinking sufficient amount of water every day, you help to keep your skin hydrated, and your body to detox – naturally resulting in lesser toxins (also known as acne) to expel from your skin!  Furthermore, drinking water also plumps the skin and therefore reduces the appearance of fine lines and dark eye circles. With all these benefits in for you simply just by drinking water, we don’t see why you shouldn’t start now!

  1. Exfoliate – Scrub the dirt away!

Our skin cells regenerate approximately every 27 days, which technically means that your external self was completely different a month ago. #newyearnewme

Jokes aside, the old skin cells do not just fall off the surface once they are replaced. More often than not, they remain on your skin and the debris start to clog up your pores – leading to acne and breakouts. Exfoliating not only sloughs away all the dead skin to reveal the new layer underneath it, but also increases circulation and unclog pores to keep your skin clear and blemish-free!

  1. Keep your food in check!

You are what you eat. We hate to admit it, but the late night snacks and sugar sprees aren’t going to keep your skin happy. The food you ingest has a huge impact on the hormones in your body, which in turn translates to how your complexion looks.

For example, foods that are high in refined sugar and fatty acids raise your inflammatory molecules, causing breakouts to occur more frequently.  Dairy products cause insulin levels to rise, which worsens the severity of acne. Here’s a shocker for all the gym rats: protein powder aggravates acne too (due to how it stimulates insulin levels)

We can’t possibly list out all the foods that you should stay away from, but do a quick search on the internet and you should have a good idea of what your dietary habits should be for immaculate skin.

  1. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

If you want your skin to treat you well, you would first have to treat them as such. Keep your face clean and icky fingers off them before all the bacteria on your hands get transferred to your face. Don’t scrimp on the anti-acne moisturizers and antiseptic toners – they do wonders for your skin. A common misconception is that people with oily skin can skip moisturizing entirely. After all, with an oil slick even British Petroleum would be proud of, who needs an extra boost of hydration? However, that is exactly where you are dead wrong. With a lack of hydration, the skin goes into overdrive to compensate dryness with oil – and this excess production of sebum contributes to acne.

  1. Rest well, be well

Sleep is when your body starts to work. It goes through a healing process whereby it self-repairs, rejuvenates and detoxifies.  Furthermore, sufficient sleep helps to regulate your hormones and immune system, resulting in lesser breakouts and clearer skin. Without this quality sleep, your deprived body becomes stressed – causing cortisol levels and insulin resistance to rise. Both of these lead to an increase in inflammation and clogged pores, as well as being more susceptible to bacterial infections. With such a deadly concoction of acne triggers, we can safely conclude that we should hit the sack when it’s time to do so.

The Conclusion

The list of things you should look out for in order to achieve a flawless complexion is endless, but with these extra pointers, you should be heading towards that direction. Of course, if nothing else helps, do consult a beauty specialist who could provide professional help instead of DIY-ing treatments at home yourself.

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