Project Description

Pro-Radiance Peel


Pro-Radiance Peel


Gone are the days of abrasive dermabrasion, treat your skin to a gentle AHA/fruit acid peel
and Nucell Dermabrasion exfoliating peel to regenerate your skin!

The Men’s Expressions Pro-Radiance is clinically tested and proven to target aging and uneven skin. This pioneering procedure starts with a 10 minutes professional consultation to personalise the treatment according to the needs of your skin.

  • Bright and luminous skin

  • Lightening of hyperpigmentation and pitted scars

  • Reduces sun damage, wrinkles and fine lines

  • Suitable for all skin types due to personalised treatments
  • Zero recovery time and minimal discomfort


During the Facial:

  1.       Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed, and a deep peeling gel essence will be used to remove the first layer of impurities on your face.
  2.       An Enzyme Peel, followed with gushes of high concentration oxygen mixed with vitamin ampoules are delivered directly into your skin using our Pure Oxygen Machine. This is used to soften blackheads, detoxify clogged pores and this works wonders especially for oily/acne-prone skin.
  3.       The Ageless Hydration Serum (a hydrating serum with algae extracts) is evenly massaged all over your face to prep it for the Dynamic Peel.
  4.       A Free Radical Chromolite machine will be used to even out your skin tone. It will also nourish skin cells and shape your face.
  5.       A customized facial mask will be used to soothe your skin at the end of the treatment.
  6.       A final touch of SPF 50++ Sunblock will be applied to protect your face from sun damage.

Take some time. Treat Yourself. You Deserve It.

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