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Acne Clearance


Acne Clearance


Does clear skin seem like a dream to you?

Trying to get rid of pimples yourself can be a daunting task – especially when new spots are popping out every other day even though you have spent hundreds, or even thousands on skincare. With acne bacteria being the main cause for most troubled skin, Men’s Expressions Acne Clearance Facial targets these pesky bacteria while soothing your skin, ensuring that your skin to be clear in no time!

  • Removal of blackheads/whiteheads and acne

  • Reduces acne scarring and open pores

  • Improves dull, thick and blemished skin

  • Smoothening of skin tone and pore tightening

  • Suitable for all skin types as each treatment has a personalized treatment process, with minimal discomfort and zero recovery time assured


  1. The Men’s Expressions Acne Clearance Facial starts with a professional, guided skin consultation for a more personalised treatment for each individual.
  2. The treatment begins with deep cleansing and toning of your skin to remove excess oils and impurities from your skin.
  3. An Enzyme Peel will be applied to soften and extract the blackheads and stubborn impurities. This prepares the skin for the facial treatment.
  4. High frequency blue light (known as the Blue Light Therapy) will be used to kill acne bacteria that is present on your skin. This is extremely effective for acne clearance.
  5. A customized facial mask treatment that is tailor-made to each individual’s skin type will be used to soothe your skin after the treatment.

Your skin may be slightly red after initial steps depending on the amount extractions. Slight irritation may be experienced during treatment as well. However, it should not continue after completing the treatment. Under our therapeutics care, your skin will be calm and soothe after masking and Cromo-ray treatment. The redness will be dramatically reduced, and post-treatment habits can be followed using Expressions recommended acne skincare products and home-care tips.

For greater benefits, you may choose to add on the HPPL (High Power Pulse Light) acne and skin rejuvenation treatment. The HPPL treatment uses innovative light transmission through the skin to destroy acne and bacteria effectively. Acne scars can also be removed through the rejuvenation process.

Subjected to individual needs, the usual frequency is once a month. Generally, our skin is constantly being affected by the sun, make-up, age and other elements. Skin cells are rejuvenated approximately every 30 days, however, they will be trapped under the dead cells you cannot properly exfoliate away at home. However, for effective acne solution, we recommend weekly facials for 5 to 10 weeks for best results.

Not true! Do not waste your facial treatment efforts by forgetting about your skin at home. You have to remember to thoroughly cleanse and moisturise your skin with products that suit your skin type. Do also remember to put sunscreen and protect yourself from the sun and pollution. If possible, add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet, and avoid alcohol, caffeine, and processed food.



Take some time. Treat Yourself. You Deserve It.

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