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BodyKa Fat Melting

Ultrasonic lipolysis and body contouring treatment

Recommended for men who struggle with losing stubborn pockets of fats in areas such as the arms, abdomen, love handles, hips and thighs. Reshape your silhouette and see a new slimmer version of you.

  • Safe, quick, effective and painless

  • Targets only fatty tissue and stubborn fat cells

  • Effective breakdown of stubborn fats and cellulite

  • Lymphatic drainage removing waste and toxins

Winner of the 2016 Spa Awards
Best body Contouring for abdomen

Bodyka reduces fat and tones the body using low frequency ultrasound that breaks down fat cells, allowing your body to effectively release liquid fat that is broken down in the liver.

Using a advanced system that targets fat cells only, Bodyka does not cause any damage to the surrounding tissues or your skin. This stimulates fat metabolism and its elimination, causing fat to be released from the body. the result is a slimmer waistline or slimmer treated area.