Fat freezing slimming in singapore Crystal Freeze Men's Expressions

Fat Freezing Slimming Treatment

Crystal Freeze

Fat Freezing Slimming Treatment

Crystal Freeze

Fat freezing slimming in singapore Crystal Freeze Men's Expressions

This fat freezing slimming treatment can cool freeze cells up to -9 °C, effectively destroying them at an increased rate to expedite up to 30% fat removal from the target area.

Fat Freezing stubborn fats away with Cryolipolysis

This advanced non surgical fat reduction treatment is perfect for those looking to remove stubborn belly fat, localized fat deposits or to sculpt and tone up all parts of the body including thighs, arms and love handles – all with safety and comfort.

State-of-the-art fat freezing technology
from France

Body sculpting & shaping

See a fat loss of up to 30% from the target area with Crystal Freeze

Comfortable & no downtime

The applicators are designed to fit perfectly to your body’s shape

Safe & Non-Invasive

No needles or incisions as fat freezing treatment is completely non-invasive

Target multiple fat deposits with Fat Freezing

  • Upper Arms

  • Abs & Belly

  • Love Handles

  • Lower Back

  • Thighs

Fat Freezing Slimming Treatment Crystal Freeze

* Individual results may vary

Real Results

See real fat freezing results with Crystal Freeze technology that has proven to be effective through clinical studies and with the highest safety standards, the results are permanent weight loss.

Effective treatment for belly fat & love handles


This fat freezing treatment is suitable for those who would like to selectively remove fats from specific areas. Treatment areas include: abdomen, thighs, saddlebags and love handles.

The treated areas will appear slightly flatter after each treatment. Since the treatment relies on the body’s natural ability to remove fat, the treatment will be effective. We do recommend a supplementary treatment, such as the Shockwave Anti Cellulite  or Cromolight Treatment to help soothe the treatment area and speed up the effect and establish more visible results in a single treatment.

As the fat cells are gradually eliminated by the lymphatic system, results may not be immediately visible after the first session. The patient will see results 6 weeks following the treatment and will be the most optimum after 8 weeks.

The number of treatment sessions will depend on the size of the treatment area and your body fat percentage. Our consultant will give you a recommendation based on the body analysis done during a consultation.

You can return to your normal activities as soon as the session is over. Crystal Freeze is a non-invasive slimming treatment with no downtime.

One treatment session lasts about 40-60 minutes, during which the patient can relax, listen to music or read.

Freeze your stubborn fats with advanced Fat Freezing technology 


Trial price – per treatment area

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