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Milia Seeds & Oil Clogs Removal


Milia Seeds & Oil Clogs Removal


Rid the Millia Seeds & Oil Clogs crowding your face!

Milia Seeds & Oil Clogs are caused by a buildup of dead skin cells, fatty deposits and keratin – although harmless, they are often considered as unsightly. The Men’s Expressions Milia Seeds/Oil Clogs Removal is a safe and effective non-invasive treatment to tackle these skin problems.

  • Safe and effectively removes all milia seeds/oil clogs

  • The healing process will leave no scars

  • No downtime – you can get back to your daily routine right after your treatment

  • No surgery is required


We provide two types of treatment – Advanced Electrolysis or SilkPeel to remove these spots. Both procedures are pain-free and suitable for permanent milia seeds & oil clogs removal, with no medication, side effects or recovery time needed.

Advance Electrolysis

  1. A sterilised needle with an electric current is inserted into the centre of the milia seed to break the surface.
  2. The contents of the milia are removed using sterile equipment.
  3. The milia will become flat, and the healing process will begin.

SilkPeel Derma

  1. A SilkPeel device gently buffs away the top layer of skin, encouraging milia seeds to pop out.
  2. This releases the clogged oil in the pore, causing your facial cells to renew. This create new and flawless skin.

All treatments are conducted by our highly-trained senior aestheticians under stringent hygiene and safety guidelines.

The treatment will take an average of 15 minutes to complete, but it depends on the amount of milia seeds & oil clogs to be removed.

It will depend on the size and number of the concerns you have. We make sure not to overtreat the same area in the same session, hence treatments are spaced out at regular intervals. Also, our professional consultants will give you a recommendation based on the analysis done during a prior consultation.

Your milia seeds should be flattened immediately after the treatment, and then a healing process will begin to reveal new and flawless skin.

There are no side effects.

Advanced Electrolysis & SilkPeel treatments are extremely effective for removing milia seeds, oil clogs, skin tags and blackheads. Removal is permanent.

Both are caused by a buildup of dead skin cells and fatty deposits. However, milias seeds have visible whiteheads, whereas oil clogs do not.


Take some time. Treat Yourself. You Deserve It.

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