RevitaJet facial treatment is suitable for those who have dull and rough skin, stubborn blackheads, excessive sebum production and visible pores and wrinkles. Achieve hydrated skin with a brighter complexion, smoother skin texture, reduction in wrinkles and pore size.

AquaPro+ Facial Treatment


One of a kind hydradermabrasion AquaPro+ Specially designed handpiece for hybrid dermabrasion The Premium Facial Treatment Looking vibrant and fresh has never been easier with Men’s Expressions AquaPro+! With a unique hydradermabrasion breakthrough technology from Korea, AquaPro+ performs chemical and physical peeling at the same [...]



The Acoustic Stubborn Fat Therapy. Wave goodbye to stubborn fats, stretch marks and scars with the futuristic Shockwave Therapy. A USA FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment that effectively reduces stubborn fats and boosts skin elasticity.



The Alternative to Liposuction BodyKa Fat Melting The low frequency ultrasound waves can penetrate up to 5 cm deep into skin targeting fat cells without any damage to skin Ultrasonic Fat Reduction & Body Toning Recommended for men who struggle with losing stubborn pockets of fats in [...]

Crystal Freeze


Permanent fat removal Crystal Freeze Permanent Fat Removal Crystal Freeze Crystal Freeze can cool fat cells up to -9 °C, effectively destroying them at an increased rate to expedite up to 30% fat removal from the body. Freeze away [...]

Dynamic Peel


Look Dynamic, Be Dynamic! Dynamic Peel Look Dynamic, Feel Dynamic Dynamic Peel The AHA, BHA and HA solutions used in this Dynamic Peel facial. Suitable for all skin types A tailor made treatment Looking radiant and young has never [...]

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