Double Deep Cleanse


Suffering from oily skin and clogged pores? Looking for a deep cleansing experience for your skin? Men’s Expressions Double Deep Cleanse is the treatment for deep cleansing of the face and is designed to unclog and tighten pores, and clear off oily skin.

Dynamic Peel


Look dynamic, be dynamic! Looking radiant and young has never been easier with Men’s Expressions Dynamic Peel! With the Nucell Dermabrasion breakthrough technology, it is suited for men who are looking for a potent punch of glow in their skin!

Milia Seeds & Oil Clogs Removal


Milia Seeds & Oil Clogs are caused by a buildup of dead skin cells, fatty deposits and keratin – although harmless, they are often considered as unsightly. The Men’s Expressions Milia Seeds/Oil Clogs Removal is a safe and effective non-invasive treatment to tackle these skin problems.

Acne Clearance


Leave your blemishes, acne and pimples in the past! The Men’s Expressions Acne Clearance Facial starts with a professional, guided skin consultation for a more personalized treatment for each individual.

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